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Memories From Summer

A launch campaign for a simple can of barley tea

Brief: Create a FMCG drink from scratch, brand it and finally sell it (theoretically of course)

Despite studying in the UK, I’ve decided to go back to embrace my Asian identity (and my inner weeb) so I came with a brand that reflects contemporary Japan.
Presenting… Kihaku

Kihaku is the personification of contemporary japan
· Blending the rich traditions of Japan with contemporary sensibilities
· Young and Energetic while retaining cultural identity

The name 気迫 (Kihaku) mean
· Drive
· Determination
· Spirit
· Energy
· Oceanic connotation

The name is used to personify the Japanese millennial
· Proud of their heritage and culture
· Pushing back against traditionality

The logo is made up of 3 major elements.
· The Wave Over Kanagawa

The Wave is a piece of iconography that is closely associated with Japan and the huge wave personifies the contemporary Japanese spirit of Kihaku.

· “気迫”
The kanji represents the traditionality of Japan while the type gives it a modern twist.

· The border
It is to give the Ukiyo-e a contemporary twist.

That was the logo and here’s the drink

That was the logo and here’s the drink