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Intel Extreme Masters Singapore Day 2 Report


League Of Legends

Day 2 of the Intel Extreme Masters Singapore saw the Grand Finals of the Amateur Tournament where Hong Kong Attitude went head to head with Cyber Games Arena. Both teams came in after impressive performances in their previous match – who could forget HKA’s dominating performance over KLH and CGA’s remarkable comeback against DetonatioN FM.

The first game saw CGA’s Top  “ReD” dominate not only his lane in the early game without assistance from his Jungler “PeehSmite” but he was also crucial in split pushing lanes which led to increase lane pressure late into the game. With the top lane free thanks to ReD’s laning dominance, "PeehSmite" was able to continuously gank the mid and bottom lane which resulted in both their Mid laner and AD Carry losing out in terms of items late into the game. Game 1 was a convincing victory for CGA.


With an extremely dominating performance in Game 1, many in the audience expected Game 2 to play out exactly like the previous game however an early jungle invade by HKA proved to be fruitful because it forced "PeehSmite" to return to base early which effectively delayed his jungle timing and opened up CGA for a buff steal – which unfortunately, HKA did not go for. With both teams constantly trading kills in the early game, teams played conservatively however despite CGA taking down the dragon twice, HKA was able to even out CGA’s gold advantage by taking down 2 of CGA’s tier 1 towers. HKA then proceeded to snowball the advantage by continuously pushing lanes. With a lack of items CGA was simply unable to stop HKA’s relentless assault. Game 2…. Hong Kong Attitude.

It all came down to the wire, learning from the previous match; CGA immediately banned out Nidalee which was used with lethal efficiency by HKA’s Mid laner “PaSa” while HKA countered by banning out Fizz and Gragas. HKA wasted no time and attempted to invade the opponent jungle while CGA attempted likewise; CGA was successful in stealing HKA’s red buff however HKA’s Support “Perhaps” was able to retrieve the red buff by slaying "PeehSmite". Both teams constantly trade kills and towers with small skirmishes in the jungle. Each team was looking for any advantage they could get. CGA managed to destroy HKA’s middle inhibitor at the 32nd minute mark unfortunately it wasn’t the game ending advantage they’ve hoped however as CGA had a significant 6k gold advantage. After a failed Baron steal from HKA costs half the team, CGA was successfully able to take the Baron and snowball their advantage to take this nail biting Game 3. After an electrifying 3 games, Cyber Games Arena LEGENDs from Hong Kong was finally crowed the Champions of the Amateur Tournaments in the Intel Extreme Masters Singapore.


After crowning the Amateur champion, it was time for the Pros to show off their stuff in the professional tournament. Unfortunately, due to some issues with the match timing, the match between Season 2 World Champions Taipei Assassins and the Saigon Jokers was played off-stream, however there was a reported Pentakill from SAJ’s AD carry “Archie” playing Lucian. Unfortunately for the former world champions, the Saigon Jokers plowed through them and ended their match with a final score of 2 – 0.

The final League Of Legends game of the day was the Taipei Snipers going against Singapore’s very own Singapore Sentinels. Both teams playing extremely safe; with neither teams going for any form of jungle invasions early on. "Kryonics" from SGS drew first blood with the help of SGS’s Jungler “HaRleLuYaR” however, his dogged determination to follow up and get a double kill cost him dearly as TPS’s "Winds" flashed away from "HaRleLuYaR"’s attack and avenged his team mate. A lane swap cost TPS their first tower as "Zonda" – with assistance from "Winds" was unable to hold off the assault from "Kailing", "Chawy" and "HarLeLuYar" but their advantage was quickly diminished by as "GoDJJ" and "MiSTakE" from TPA managed to take down SGS’s bottom tower. At the 17th minute mark, "HaRleLuYaR" and "Kryonics" initiated a team fight perfectly, which allowed SGS to kill not only 3 members of TPS but they managed to take TPS’s middle tower as well. Again, SGS’s advantage was short lived as TPS managed to pick up 2 kills and the dragon 3 minutes later. Even with a 3k gold advantage,  TPS was still unable gain an advantage big enough to end the game – both teams are even in terms of towers destroyed. With both teams lingering around the Baron, TPS decided to initiate on to "HaRleLuYaR" after which the entire SGS decided to dive in. Unfortunately for SGS, a textbook case of bad positioning cost them 3 members and worst of all; the Baron, which was taken by TPS. The Baron buff was exactly what TPS needed to snowball the game in their favor. With a huge 9k gold advantage, TPS was able to finally pick up the win. Game 1….Taipei Snipers.


For Game 2, SGS chose to not ban Rengar which was used by "Zonda" in the previous match with lethal efficiency – a decision they would regret into Game 2, instead Jax was banned out. An early Jungle invasion by TPS proved to be fruitful as the resulting team fight forced the use of potions in the side of SGS. "Winds" was successfully able steal the Buffs away from SGS’s jungle. Just like the previous games, TPS was able to get a significant gold advantage by taking the dragon multiple times – sometimes not even being contested by SGS. Even though both teams are neck and neck in kills, TPS had a clear advantage in both towers destroyed and overall gold count. In the end, it was excellent jungle domination and "Zonda"’s Rengar that would prove crucial late into the game.  With such huge gold (9k gold lead) and items advantage to the side of TPS, SGS was just unable to resist their onslaught.  After taking the Baron at the 27th minute, TPS just snowballed their advantage and ended the game. Game 2 set and match…Taipei Snipers.

Starcraft II

Day 2 was the start of the group stages. Group A was up first, with Korean Protoss player “san” demolishing his competition and Mvp finishing 2nd in his group after an intense rematch with Curious.

Next up was Group B which was dominated by Zerg players, with DongRaeGu taking out EffOrt in the most intense ZvZ match in IEM Singapore so far. After winning 2-0 against EffOrt, DRG would proceed on to the quarter-finals. After a nail-biting 2-1 against KingkOng, Happy was still unable to stop EffOrt and hence EffOrt would be joining DRG in the quarterfinals.

Photos courtesy of ESL/Turtle Entertainment

Written by Chen KangYi
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